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--------For Immediate Release-------

Bunbury Theatre & Pandora Productions Announce Combined Season Auditions.

When: July 29, 2023. 12 PM-4 PM.

Where: Henry Clay Theatre, 604 South 3rd Street, Henry Clay Building, 3rd Floor, Louisville, KY 40202.

What: 10 minute slots. 1-2 monologues, 32 Bars of your best song (if singing-both companies do musicals). Please keep material under 4 minutes to leave time for questions from the directors and in case we need to add more times as noted below.

Other: Pianist provided, bring sheet music in the correct key and notated for the section you will sing.

How: email IMPORTANT! Put COMBINED SEASON AUDITION in the subject line. We will assign slots on a first come/first served basis based on the email time stamp. Please bring or email a headshot and resume with your request to audition, or bring one to the audition.

If we have a blessing of abundance, we may cut slots down to five minutes.

If you cannot make this day and time, please email a resume and photo anyway, and these will be disseminated to the directors/companies.
VLPR (Very long, please read. Have your conflicts with rehearsal period and performances with you!).

See below for shows|dates of approximate rehearsal/performance dates|character breakdowns.

For Bunbury Theatre Company (All roles currently available) Go to  for additional information or email For Pandora Productions go to

The Weir by Conor McPherson, directed by J. Barrett Cooper. Characters: Jack, a mechanic and garage owner in his fifties. Brendan, the owner of the pub in which the play is set. He is in his thirties. Jim, Jack's assistant, in his forties. Finbar Mack, a local businessman in his late forties. Valerie, a Dublin woman in her thirties. Irish accent at auditions is a plus, but a dialect coach will be provided.

Dates: October 13-15, 19-22 & 25-28. Rehearsals begin September 10 rehearsals Sunday-Thursday. Possible dialect coaching sessions before September 10 with dialects coach.

Butter Fingers Angel, Mary and Joseph, Herod the Nut and the Slaughter of 12 Hit Carols in a Pear Tree by William Gibson (Miracle Worker) directed by Barbara Daniel O’Munger. Traditionally 6 men, 4 women & 4 children. Doubling of characters occurs. Characters: 3 Kings/3 Louts/2 Soldiers, Cow, Sheep, Tree, 2 women, Man in Grey/Courier/Herod, Joseph (older), Mary(youngish), Girl, Angel, Donkey.

Dates: December 1-3, 7-10 & 14-17 Rehearsals begin late October/early November.

Last Night at Mikell’s by Larry Muhammad. Directed by Clyde Tyrone Harper (3M black, 1W; black: James Baldwin, 60 Maya Angelou, late 50s Miles Davis, mid 50s David Baldwin, early 50s. Piano and/or Trumpet playing a plus!)

“After two heart attacks and a hospitalization for hepatitis, author James Baldwin meets up
with friends Miles Davis and Maya Angelou at the iconic New York nightclub Mikell’s for some much-needed TLC, . They improvise a celebration, in the style of an Irish wake for the not-yet deceased, recalling the outrageous misadventures in an otherwise storied career.”

Dates: February 9-11, 15-18 & 22-25. Rehearsals begin last week of December

Tangled Webbs by Gary Brumburgh and Ron Creager. Directed by Sharon Murray Harrah.
A zany, light-hearted musical spoof of TV’s daytime soap operas of the early 1960s. Major subplots include everything from acute marriage problems, mistaken identities, near-death operations, substance abuse and long-term amnesia to a murder whodunnit! Pushed to their irreverent limits, everything but the kitchen sink is thrown in.

Dates: June 14-16, 20-23 & 27-30. Rehearsals begin late April.

Character break down:
REV. JIM WEBB, M.D., D.A., J.D. – late 40’s/early 50’s – Baritone – Clean-cut, upstanding Ward Cleaver type with good voice and can handle harmony.
MARGARET PRUITT WEBB – late 40’s/early 50’s – Sensible, well-dressed June Cleaver type with a strong voice and solid belt.
SPARROW ROBIN WEBB – 24 – Pert and pretty Sandra Dee type.  Lyric soprano and good with harmony.
LADY CREMEHILDE VON PELT – Late 40’s/early 50’s.  Ruthless, domineering, hard-looking Agnes Moorehead socialite type with strong character voice.
DR. VERNON VON PELT – 50ish – Dapper, milquetoast doctor type with a strong character voice
JOEY VON PELT – 25 – Tall, handsome, well built “good guy” son.  Strong actor who also plays a southern identical twin.  Excellent tenor voice and good harmony instincts.  
SATYRICA CUTTING – 25 – Gorgeous, seductive troublemaker. A Scarlett O’Hara type.  Sexy voice and moves well.  
STEVEN BERNS – 25 – Average Joe unlucky in love.  Ben Stiller type with excellent tenor voice and good harmony instincts.
BILLIE DARVON – 28 – Troubled night club singer.  Amy Winehouse type with great smoky voice.
ENSEMBLE OF 8 – Various ages.  Will play a variety secondary acting roles.  Strong singing voices, adept at harmonies, and move well.

For Pandora Productions (below listed roles are currently available, some casting has already taken place from previous auditions) See URL for additional company or season information. Pandora Productions present plays on LGBTQ+ themes and therefore queer intimacy is involved.
While specific genders may be referenced in the descriptions below, our casting seeks to be as inclusive as possible and we invite gender non-conforming, genderqueer, transgender and non-binary actors to submit for the roles they most identify with. We will also list race/ethnicity when specific to the character but are otherwise seeking all races and ethnicities whether noted or not. Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or if there are any accommodations we can provide.
-Above language adapted from work developed by Kevin Kantor and Emily Tarquin of Actors Theatre
LOVE! VALOUR! COMPASSION! – Character Breakdown of Available Roles / Directed by Gil Reyes
(all roles require semi or full nudity)
RAMON FORNOS – Latinx, early 20s; a dancer originally from Puerto Rico; a flirt and fairly self-confident. Dance background a plus. Full nudity.
BUZZ HAUSER – Any ethnicity, mid-30s to 40; witty, loquacious, loves musical theatre and is very knowledgeable;  low self-esteem, HIV+. Brief rear nudity.
Dates: September 1 - 17, 2023 / Rehearsals begin as soon as possible
RENT – Character Breakdown of Available Roles / Directed by Michael Drury / Musical Direction by Julie McKay
MARK - filmmaker and video artist. Mark comes from privilege but desires to understand himself and his community. 20 to 25. top: G4 - bottom: A2
TOM - proud black man who is smart, caring, and the backbone of his friend group. He is living with HIV. 25 to 35. top: A4 - bottom: F#2
BENJAMIN - proud black man, despite being seen as a sellout, Benny longs to know who he is and where he fits in.  25 to 30.  top: F#4 - bottom: Bb2
JOANNE - a proud black lesbian, she demands her own liberation, smart, purposeful, and grounded, dating Maureen. 25 to 40. top: E5 - bottom: G3
ANGEL - a street musician who radiates light! a gender nonconforming human who is also living with HIV. 20 to 30. top: A4 - bottom: C3
MIMI - a dancer, Mimi is a proud Afro-Latinx woman, a drug addict who is living with HIV. 20 to 25. top: F5 - bottom: C4  
MAUREEN - a performance artist who is constantly raging and ready to fight. She is queer and dating Joanne. Artistically speaking she is a radical and unexpected arts advocate. 20 to 25.  top: F5   Vocal range bottom: C4  
ENSEMBLE (likely casting 6) of this world is incredibly valuable and provides the foundation and full structure that holds and supports the stories Rent must share. They must be strong singers and need at least 2 to be excellent dancers. They will sing various solo lines throughout and play various characters including: Mark’s Mom, Mr. Jefferson, Pastor, Mrs. Jefferson,  Woman with Bags, Gordan, The Man, Mr. Grey, Steve, Man with Squeegee, a Waiter, Paul, a Police Officer, Alexi Darling, Roger’s Mom, and others.    
Dates: November 3 - 19, 2023 / Rehearsals begin mid September
SUGAR IN OUR WOUNDS – Character Breakdown of Available Roles / Directed by Tyler Tate
JAMES - late teens, Black. Young, precocious, and innocent – according to his heart; but well on his way to adulthood. He has a magical relationship with a tall, tall tree on the plantation.
HENRY - late teens/early twenties, Black. Tall, strong, and harder than the world that made him this way. He has an incredible tenderness that he doesn't let anyone see, that he desperately wants someone to see.
AUNT MAMA - seemingly ageless, Black. She's an old, old magic woman who's probably older than God. She has a gentleness to her that can be hard to see thanks to her quick tongue.
MATTIE - early twenties, Black. a girl who just wants to be loved despite the scars on her face, she is very pretty. She has skin so yellow it makes the sun jealous.
ISABEL - early twenties, White. Hhas a desire for things she shouldn't touch, and it's dangerous. But with that, she's as well intentioned as she possibly could be – just not trustworthy.
Dates: January 5 - 21, 2024 / Rehearsals begin mid November 2023
THE INHERITANCE – Character Breakdown of Available Roles / co-Directed by Michael Drury & Gil Reyes
Seeking a versatile and diverse cast (12) of men (20's - 60's) to play a wide variety of roles from manipulative men of priviledge to damaged drug addicts, from book smart and nerdy to ordinary and common. The cast will play multiple roles in this epic tale set against a backdrop of current affairs and a retrospective of the AIDS crisis. The role of the boy will come from this ensemble. The role of Margaret still available, haunted, over 60, no nonsense.
Dates: March 8 - 30, 2024 / Rehearsals begin early December 2023 / This play is in two parts - all actors cast will be in both parts. They will run in Rep.
MY MOTHER’S LESBIAN JEWISH WICCAN WEDDING – Character Breakdown of Available Roles / Directed by Julie Dingman Evans
DAVID - a straight, friendly musician, a narrator, who plays acoustic guitar for most of the show. (Tenor, 20’s-30’s, must play acoustic guitar well)
CLAIRE - David’s Jewish mother and a psychology professor. (Mezzo, Belter, 37-47)
JANE - Claire’s free-spirited Wiccan political girlfriend and a therapist who is passionate about the gay marriage movement. (Mezzo, Belter, 37-47)
YOUNG DAVID - a well-adjusted teenager who loves his parents and Nintendo, he is a younger version of David. Also plays a Hooters girl (or Cook), and could play Betty, Irene’s stepmother. (Tenor, 13-20)
PENNY/BECK I - Penny is a political, lesbian choir member. Beck I is a waitress at Hooters, who is bubbly, positive and excited about her job. She is fit and attractive, but not overtly sexual. Also plays Flight attendant, Caroler 1, and Annabelle, Garth’s wife. (Mezzo with some soprano, 20’s-30’s)
GARTH - David’s father and Claire’s ex-husband. Like Claire, he loves his son. Never lecherous or vicious, he is instead earnest and often genuinely thrown for a loop. Also plays: Hooters guy 1 (Baritone, 30’s-40’s)
MICHELLE - a young, lesbian religious studies dropout, she is disillusioned with romance but welcomes Claire, David, stray cats and choir members into her home. Also plays: Actor 2, Caroler 2, A Hooters girl (or Cook), and Theresa, Irene’s mother. (Mezzo with some soprano, 20’s-30’s)
IRENE - David’s girlfriend and an aspiring actress and student. Also plays: Trish (Penny’s girlfriend) and Caroler 3. (Mezzo, 20’s-30’s)
UTILITY MALE - Pilot, Actor1, Hooters Guy, Reporter, Irene’s father, and a Rabbi. (Baritone,20’s-40’s)
All cast members except for David and Claire play various other chorus parts throughout the show.

Dates: May 10 - 25, 2024 / Rehearsals begin mid March

John Campbell Finnegan
Producing Artistic Director

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