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Sharon Murray Harrah is directing for The Bunbury Theatre, the world premiere musical TANGLED WEBBS, with book and lyrics by Gary Brumburgh, and music by Ron Creager.

Auditions for TANGLED WEBBS


It runs JUNE 14-16, 20-23 & 27-30


We are holding open auditions on January 8th & 9th, 2024 from 6-9pm at the Henry Clay Theater, 604 South 3rd Street, Louisville, KY. The theater is on the 3rd Floor, Please prepare 32 bars of your best and be prepared to read. Bring sheet music in correct key and head shot and resume. Accompanist provided. Rehearsals start late April 2024. 




TANGLED WEBBS is a zany, cheeky, light-hearted musical parody of daytime soap operas back in their early TV prime when every channel at noon sported a daytime drama. Set in the innocent 'Camelot' summer year of 1963, the story takes

place in a conservative, fictional town called Willowcrest, located in Anywhere, USA. The ever- entwining saga centers around the upstanding, much-admired Webb family ... their friends, their foes, their fate.


Major subplots include a love triangle, mistaken identities, acute marriage problems, near-death operations, alcoholism, workaholism, drug abuse, long-term amnesia, abandoned babies, and a murder whodunnit pushed to their comical, sometimes politically irreverent 1960s limits. These subplots are all “untangled” by the end, but is it happily EVER after or happily NEVER after for each of our prime characters?


Tangled Webbs Cast Breakdown


REV. JIM WEBB, M.D., D.A., J.D., late 40s/50s, Willowcrest's prime


MARGARET PRUITT WEBB, late 40s/50s, his sensible, charming wife

SPARROW ROBIN WEBB, 24, their sunny but fragile daughter

(LADY) CREMEHILDE VON PELT, 50s/60s, Willowcrest's society monster

VERNON VON PELT, M.D., 50s/60s, her genial, hen-pecked husband

JOEY VON PELT, 25, their handsome, buff-looking son

SATYRICA CUTTING, 25, Willowcrest's ruthless vixen                          

STEVEN BERNS, 25, Willowcrest's troubled hero

BILLIE DARVON, 27, Willowcrest’s alcoholic lounge singer         

**BLAZE DeMARCO, Willowcrest's drugged-out drummer          

**PETER TURNIPSEED, Willowcrest's Southern bad seed

NURSE CLAIRE CONNOR, head nurse at Willowcrest General          

FRAU HELGA LUDWIG, Teutonic Von Pelt housekeeper            

MADAME CLARITA, a gypsy fortune teller

SEEDY EMCEE, Nightcap Lounge owner

OFFICERS SEARS and ROEBUCK, Willowcrest policemen/women

CLOISTERED NUNS (2), from the Willowcrest monastery

JUDGE STRICKLAND, stern judge of Willowcrest Superior Court.  

BAILIFF, of the Willowcrest Superior Court


**The characters of BLAZE DeMARCO and PETER TURNIPSEED are both portrayed by the same actor playing JOEY



For reference:

IMDB or IBDB me under Sharon Murray

Gary Brumburgh website: garybrumburgh,com

Ron’s website is under repair but his music can be found on Youtube or Spotify under Ron Creager

Questions? Contact

Sharon Murray Harrah

(502) 386-8297

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