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Bunbury ShPIeL Identity Theatre Project

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In 2016 David Y. Chack, Producing Artistic Director of ShPIeL Performing Identity and at the Theatre School at DePaul University in Chicago joined together with Juergen K. Tossmann, Producing Artistic Director of Bunbury Theatre Company for the Bunbury-ShPieL Identity Theatre Project with the following focus:

To develop and produce plays that enlighten, educate and engage both Jewish and the greater Louisville community about Jewish culture and its multiple identities, through a multicultural theatre lens.

Since that time the project has staged three full productions, workshops, a film, staged readings, and TEATRON - Festival of Jewish Theatre.

With generous funding and vision from the Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence, the project continues by shining a light on racial justice and equity, the upsurge of antisemitism and the need for Jewish continuity, other identities including ethnic, religious, and gender identities; as well as including national and international artists alongside Louisville’s fine local and regional theatre artists

David Y. Chack - Artistic Director


Juergen K. Tossmann 
Managing Director Emeritus



“JHFE is proud to continue to support the Bunbury-ShPIeL Theatre Project and their efforts to leverage theater arts to connect and spark conversation between the Jewish and greater Louisville communities around race, religion, and social justice,” -JHFE Program Officer Jaime Jorrisch 

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