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Running thru Dec 20th

A series of panel discussions

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Honored Selection, Theatre on Film” — 2020 Alliance for Jewish Theatre Showcase


“Thank you for sharing with us this significant piece. It is true Jewish Theatre for our time.”

— Sara Strassberg-Dayan, Playwright and Ph.D. in Jewish Thought from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Imagining Heschel
Selections from a play

By Colin Greer 

Adapted and Directed by David Y. Chack


The play is about Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, one of the 20th century’s greatest theologians and activist leaders. As a theatre-on-film it highlights moments from Rabbi Heschel’s life and work and depicts him as an activist working on social justice with his friend the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The play also shows the critical changes leading to a new relationship between the Vatican and the Jewish people in light of the Holocaust.

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The Viewing of Imagining Heschel is On-Demand.

Once purchased it will be available to watch beginning December 1 and running thru December 20th

 The viewing window is 48 hours once tickets are purchased


 $15 GA  $10 students

$12 for groups of 10 or more

The Bunbury-ShPIeLIdentity Theatre Project Funded by the Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence.

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IMAGINING HESCHEL is impressionistic and incisive in how it raises relevant concerns of faith in contrast to activism — whether racism and anti-Semitism will ever end and whether power held by the few will continue to oppress those considered to be the “other." As Jason Maina, who plays the character Jonah, put it: "I am in this play because theatre is another way to protest and this is what the Civil Rights Movement meant - love, universality, crossing borders, and fighting the ideas of racism.”


Tom Luce as Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Jason Maina as Jonah

Richard Kautz as Cardinal Bea

Bailey Story as Father Brian O'Malley

Lindsey Palgy as Carol Radnor

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